The Daisy - A gastropub unlike any other in New York City

ui design | 2016 visit project


With a cool and confident atmosphere, The Daisy is an Agave Gastropub located in the Upper East Side of New York City featuring craft cocktails paired with an eclectic food menu. The goal of this project was to design a feminine, vintage-classic looking website that would translate into all of the different touchpoints of a Gastropub that brings exceptional features and an exclusive mix of American and Mexican cuisine.

My role

I worked as a freelancer UI Designer in partnership with Gourmet Marketing on the design and definition of the visual language of The Daisy’s new responsive website. As part of the deliverables, I drew wireframes and designed the views of all pages and states of the website for desktop and mobile devices.

Tools and technologies

Pen & paper, Sketch, InVision.

The cool, sleek interior of The Daisy was one of the inspirations to the project’s design.

Starting with sketches

I like to have a rough idea of what I am going to design before jumping to Sketch/Photoshop and, as usual, working on paper allowed me to work through ideas quickly. I spent some type sketching a bunch of different grids and layouts for the responsive views of the pages, and tossed out the ideas that didn’t seem optimal, until define the base site structure.

High fidelity mockups and designing the interface

After the main features were worked out on paper, I made high fidelity mockups. I already had in mind what the aesthetics of the site would look like and I used those mockups as the final resource when I moved on to styling the pages. Working on top of the mockups makes the process much faster to me.

The user experience focuses on the most important tasks such as exploring the menu items using delightful photography, specials, finding the venue location, making a reservation, then visiting the gastropub for a drink. With a consistent UI that helps build trust and familiarity, the site keeps its fluidity and function through the interior pages. The website is based on an 12-column grid, which brings order and freedom to present information adapted to every type of screen regardless the user’s device.

One of the main inspirations to design the website’s inferface was the simplicity of The Daisy’s logo. The logo is an abstraction made up of two capital D shapes arranged symmetrically and turned on their side. A feminine touch is implied and the shapes remind one of a drinking glass, but not specific enough to limit the brand. The branding was developed by Common Space Studio.

Typography is as meaningful as images, and the copy on the website is set in the elegant Isanti Regular.
The home page clearly expresses the values and message of The Daisy, a modern and exclusive gastropub in New York City.
The site is completely responsive to improve readability and performance on tablets and mobiles.

Working remotely

Because I was not working right next to the developer on this project, I had to design and document the page’s behaviour on multiple resolutions, define transitions and states so that the design could be implemented as envisioned. The Symbols feature in Sketch, to reuse elements across artboards and designs, is really handy for both parties to make the delivered file organized and intuitive. I generally use it as much as I can. With the final screens ready, I then used InVision to share the designs and get feedback from account managers, developers and client.

The final result is a simple yet flexible website that proclaims utility and minimalist aesthetics in favor of information.