I really love what I do - being a designer is at my personal and professional core. I design digital interfaces that connect people to ideas, and that’s what I have been doing for the last 6 years.

With a broad professional background, I have a BA in Graphic Design, worked as a Web Art Director in Brazil for many years, and my current focus is on Software Development. I write in HTML & CSS, advocating for best practices in an agile process. My everyday fun is to help build large features collaboratively and small ones independently while ensuring a consistent user experience.

I am currently living in Amsterdam and working as a UX Designer at Backbase.

Read more professional yadayadayada on my LinkedIn. Accepting freelance work now rayanaverissimo[a]gmail.com


This website is produced on an Apple iMac & MacBook Pro, using Sketch to realise design concepts before being coded in Sublime Text. I use Github Pages for web hosting and the code is freely available in my Github repository. Type is set in Montserrat which is designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, and ocasionally Open Sans by Steve Matteson - both served via Google Fonts.

Pages are structured using HTML5 and styled via CSS files that are generated via Sass. I also used Bourbon, a mixin library built for Sass. The CSS grid is powered by the fluid framerwork Neat and some of the site components are built on top of Refills.

Shoutout to Mateus Revoredo for helping me with the Github setup.

Profile image by D. Hammer.